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3 Words Entrepreneurs Define Differently

Have you ever met a real entrepreneur? The one who just never stop? The one who is about to start his 5th company? 2 of them went bankrupt and the 3 others have been acquired... I spend a lot of time with entrepreneurs and I tried to understand how they think and act. There's clearly something different in their vision of the world.

Here's 3 words that entrepreneurs don't define the same way than the rest of the world.

Failure? What do you mean by "failure"?

Failure isn't about crashing his company, failure isn't about quitting his job or laying off because the company didn't make any benefits this year.

Failure for entrepreneurs is giving up. Is when you let your environment (Guy Kawasaki calls them "the bozos") convincing you you are on the wrong path and should abandon. I personally define failure as a lack of control on his own destiny. Failure is when you stop using 100% of your capacities to help the world move forward.

Watch this video from TED is a good illustration of the necessity to "failure".

Success? How can you "succeed"?

We all heard many times people saying "When I will be successful" or "We are close to succeed".

Real entrepreneurs just don't use this word: success. What does that mean? There are no limits to a quest. Can we say that Facebook is successful? Yes? So why do they keep working?

Talking about success is talking about barriers but there's no limits to the entrepreneurs because they just like to see things growing indefinitely. Entrepreneurs don't live to finish something, they already live their goal: trying to change the world.

Watch this conference which talk about "Why we should live in the moment?".

"Rules"? What's that?

How do you reduce the costs? How do you get traffic? How to you satisfy your customers? There are tons of rules, books to read about those answers.

BUT rules are meant to be broken and reinvented. Who would predict that Wikipedia could become the biggest encyclopedia of the world based on volunteering? Who would predict that Zappos (see their office) could become highly profitable? Would could predict Craiglist would be one of the top 10 most visited website?

There are no rules. It just doesn't make sense. If you follow the rules you directly stop innovating and undoubtedly will never move from good to great. Instead redefine the rules by following your convictions.

Watch Tony Hseih explaining how he created a company which has 75% repeated customers.


Failure, success and rules are clearly three words that have a different meaning to entrepreneurs. 

And you, what's the definition you changed?

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