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[FR] Taking Internet To The Next Level

"Taking Internet To The Next Level" est une conférence que j'ai donnée le 13 décembre dans les locaux de l'Iteem (une des rares écoles d'entrepreneur/ingénieur en France).

L'objectif de cette conférence était de démontrer que l'internet est en croissance exponentielle, que cela crée une montage de nouvelles opportunités et que le "web entrepreneur" n'a jamais eu autant d'avenir grâce à la magie du cloud computing.

"Je pense que les ingénieurs français sont très compétents mais que leur manque d'optimisme les empêchent de détecter les opportunités qu'offrent le web."

Vous trouverez ci-dessous ma présentation qui résume les leçons que j'ai retenues des multiples conférences américaines auxquelles j'ai pu assister ainsi que de la création de ma start-up à Vancouver.

Si vous avez des retours, remarques ou questions, n'hésitez pas à commenter ci-dessous.

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  • It would be interesting how companies and businesses adapt their business goals and strategies according to the coming innovations and developments in technology.

    Culture today is also being affected by technology (I feel there is though to little study on this) and it would be interesting how such future changes affects culture in a national level as to a global one.

    We are agile and continuously looking how future technology can increase our company's (ProQure - htttp://www.proqure.se) competitive advantage.

    Thanks for the crystal ball!


    Ryan Eriksson
    Head of Marketing & Sales
    ProQure | Entremattor & Mattservice
    (Entrance Mats & Matting Serice)

    TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/ryaneri...

  • alextoulemonde

    It would be pretty interesting. I know http://www.danah.org/ is a pretty good researcher. Like you I would love to study that but unfortunately we have only one life!

  • Your article is really interesting but I'm wondering something.

    No doubt that all what you said will be true on the pro-side. But on the personal side ?

    I'm wondering this because as the ways communication tools such as social networks, chat softwares, smartphones... have been developped, the real communication one, I think, has been insanely decreasing.
    15 years ago it was still great to receive a simple letter from a friend, especially if he was far from you. You knew even all your neighbors.

    Still on the personal side, people have got less "physical" interactions with each other for the simple reason that more and more products are bought on the internet such as train bills. Will it be your daily bread tomorrow ?

    Last but not least, I'm really scared of that I could be completely overtaken by technology in 50 years because of the exponential increasing speed of communication tools development, as my parents and grand-parents are at the moment.

    I cannot prove it, but I'm afraid that increasing this technology has somehow a negative impact on the everyday-life.

    N.B : I have to work my english again, I know :)

  • alextoulemonde

    You're completely right Manu, things are getting scary. But at the same time we don't know humans really well and it seems that technology is proving that people prefers to be connected to an entire world rather than just one person at a time.

    Scary, I know. Thanks for your great comment.

  • alextoulemonde

    Just testing!


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