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How To Grow Your Twitter Followers Spending 0s a day.

Twitter can be a very time-consuming place but it can also help you create amazing connection with people around the world. With "only" 2500 followers it has already changed my life. You can literrally visit any city in the world and get a chance to meet your followers (entrepreneurs in my case) from anywhere in no time. Wasn't possible 5 years before right?

How To Grow Your Twitter Followers

Now the goal is to increase the quality and quantity of your twitter followers. I found this task to be VERY time consuming considering that I don't blog or don't give speeches often, etc. So if you're like me and not a ROCK STAR but still want to enjoy a growing audience. Here's a few tips.

1. Set Up 3 Newspapers Paper.li

Paper.li is a wonderful way that let you create a daily report based on the tweets of a portion of your followers or someone else's followers. For example it can be based on one of your list or simply all your followers. Everyday you twitter account will tweet automatically this report and mention your followers.
  1. Go To Paper.li
  2. Create 3 different Daily Newspaper:
    • One based of your followers
    • One based on someone else's list (preferably someone who has the same passion than you but in more famous. My Ex: @Scobleizer's lists)
    • One based on a #tag, let's say #entrepreneur.
  3. Set Up Your Settings. Make then daily and make sure to turn on the "Promote on Twitter" option.
You're done. This will not only help you to get more people to know about you since they are mentioned in your tweets but also help you to catch up with filtered news more easily. The Paper.li newspaper is, indeed, very well designed.

2. Create self-updated lists with @formulists

Formulists is a great way to stay in touch with your followers using lists. When you add someone in a list it does two great things:
  1. The person notices you and might say thanks and follow you back
  2. You can filter your timeline
So now the goal is to list a maximum of relevant people in your lists to expand your network. Which is exactly what Formulists does. I would suggest your create at least 3 formulists:
Grow Twitter Follow
  • One from the "Filter Who You Follow" category.
  • One from the "Expand Your Network" category: I really like the "People Like Somebody" list.
  • One from the "Manage Your Followers" category.

Now the settings:
  • Make sure to select "Exclude people I already follow from list" when you can
  • Set up the "Maximum Size List" to 500 (which is the limit)
  • Change the list description to something more friendly than "List generated by @formulists"
That's it. Let the magic happens.

Now you have a nice way to grow your twitter followers spending absolutely 0s a day. Well don't forget to be interesting, have a nice avatar, background, tweet often and ask questions. But this is the basics.

Let me know if you know others tricks in the comments! Good luck.


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