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How To Optimize A Facebook Fan Page Post

Optimize News Feed Facebook
Social media optimization (SMO) Social Media Optimization is the methodization of social media activity with the intent of attracting unique visitors to website content. SMO is one of two online methods of website optimization; the other method is search engine optimization or SEO. Wikipedia

Top News VS Most Recent

The "Top News" feed is based on an algorithm which decides whether or not your post should be shown into their main stream. The "Top News" Feed is (indeed) more exposed so it is interesting to understand how to write better posts to get a bigger audience. Here's few tricks:

1. Specify your target

If you specify a target, you show to Facebook you are dedicating your post to a certain category of people. Meaning they are more likely to enjoy what you are posting so your post deserves to be seen. Optimize a Facebook post - Social Media

2. @Tag Others

Facebook loves people who share with others! Right? When you tag others people, you add meaning to your post so it increases your chance to get in the "Top News" Feed. Tag People in Your Facebook Post

3. Attach content

Photo? Video? Event? Link? You choose! But attaching content is more engaging for your audience and increase your change to be in the News Feed as well. Attach Content Facebook

4. Have a thumbnail

It's just more eye-catching and more user friendly. If your page linked doesn't have pictures in it. Add this line in your code or read this.
<link rel="image_src" href="thumbnail_image" / >
Have a Thumbnail to your facebook post

5. Engage your customers

Ask questions, avoid the closed questions. Try to engage your customers, let them tell you what they have to say! Engage your customers

6. Ask Your Friends to Break the ice

The idea is that the algorithm will put more easily your post in the main stream if you already have few comments and likes. So as soon as you post, go to your chat box and ask your friends to comment. Comment Like Chat


Here's a good one! Any better ideas? Comments? Feedback? Facebook - Social Media Optimization
I want to thank the company BrandGlue, the real master at this art. Here's there presentation:

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  • Iain Murray

    Great read - nice work Alex!

  • Etienne

    I think you are missing a very important point Alex: when to publish it, as the number of the first "Likes" will greatly depends on it (and can then help to move the post to the top news)

  • alextoulemonde

    True! I should add that in the 6th section. Thanks!


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