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A Story From The Future: “Internet Is In The Air”

The shift that is happening is pretty crazy. Mobile & Tablets are blowing away the PC. But wait. The impact is bigger than we think, my friend Marty just came back from the future with a story:

"In China, I walking in a restaurant that I saw that 34" screen showing not only my face but also of my best friends favourite meals that I'm more likely to enjoy. Then I started to realize that the menu was in mandarin so I asked to the waiter if I could have an english menu. Guess what?? She laughed at me. 'Why don't you get your phone to translate it? You Americans!'"

The cloud X building, face & voice recognition X translation on the fly X the social graph X miniaturization of the connected devices = Probably something you can't even imagine!!

That's it, now Internet is in the air. It is no longer true that internet is associated with a device. At least it won't be in the future.

In fact, it's a pretty good news. It means that one way to innovate is to look around you and see if every moves, motions, interactions, facts or even relationships are stored somewhere. If not, there's an opportunity to add value using technology to transform this data into something helpful.

The pace of innovation on the internet has never been faster, the cost of setting up outstanding web technology is so ridiculously low that thousands of start-ups are building the new tomorrow.

So what? Well, I don't know... But I'm pretty skeptical.. Everything sounds great huh? Not really. Small businesses were just started to take off on the "new-affordable" web but now there's no way they can afford a mobile App. At least until decent Mobile CMS start to show up. But if the web keep moving that fast, I'm scared that a new era will take place, increase the cost of "being technologically remarkable", and blow away bootstrapping start-ups. What do you think?

10 years ago, it costs 10.000$ to build a decent website, today it's a cool mobile App, and tomorrow?

Have a look to how good we were 10 years after the TV went out, pretty shitty isn't it? How old is internet again?

  • It would be interesting how companies and businesses adapt their business goals and strategies according to the coming innovations and developments in technology.

    Culture today is also being affected by technology (I feel there is though to little study on this) and it would be interesting how such future changes affects culture in a national level as to a global one.

    We are agile and continuously looking how future technology can increase our company's (ProQure - htttp://www.proqure.se) competitive advantage.

    Thanks for the crystal ball!


    Ryan Eriksson
    Head of Marketing & Sales
    ProQure | Entremattor & Mattservice
    (Entrance Mats & Matting Serice)

    TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/ryaneri...

  • alextoulemonde

    It would be pretty interesting. I know http://www.danah.org/ is a pretty good researcher. Like you I would love to study that but unfortunately we have only one life!

  • Your article is really interesting but I'm wondering something.

    No doubt that all what you said will be true on the pro-side. But on the personal side ?

    I'm wondering this because as the ways communication tools such as social networks, chat softwares, smartphones... have been developped, the real communication one, I think, has been insanely decreasing.
    15 years ago it was still great to receive a simple letter from a friend, especially if he was far from you. You knew even all your neighbors.

    Still on the personal side, people have got less "physical" interactions with each other for the simple reason that more and more products are bought on the internet such as train bills. Will it be your daily bread tomorrow ?

    Last but not least, I'm really scared of that I could be completely overtaken by technology in 50 years because of the exponential increasing speed of communication tools development, as my parents and grand-parents are at the moment.

    I cannot prove it, but I'm afraid that increasing this technology has somehow a negative impact on the everyday-life.

    N.B : I have to work my english again, I know :)

  • alextoulemonde

    You're completely right Manu, things are getting scary. But at the same time we don't know humans really well and it seems that technology is proving that people prefers to be connected to an entire world rather than just one person at a time.

    Scary, I know. Thanks for your great comment.

  • alextoulemonde

    Just testing!


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